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Which preacher are you?



The Aspiring/New Preacher

  • You know God has called you to preach, but you know you need to learn… well, everything about preaching.
  • When you prepare a sermon, you struggle to know where to start.
  • When you try writing your sermon, you feel overwhelmed. You want so badly to do a great job and to honor God with your message. But the blank screen keeps staring at you.
  • And then standing up and preaching your message? You’re a nervous wreck and you know it could be better.
  • You find yourself chained to your notes, struggling to connect with the congregation.


The Struggling Preacher

  • You feel like you should be further along in your preaching than you are.
  • Every week feels like a gauntlet of stress as you try to juggle all your responsibilities and still fit in your study time.
  • Then, when you do get to sit down and prepare, you spend a ton of time in commentaries and can easily get lost in your study to the point that you feel like you must rush everything else. 
  • And when you deliver your sermon, you can’t help but feeling like it could be better. You know you haven’t reached your potential. 


The Veteran Preacher

  • You’ve been at this for a while, and you’ve found what works for you for the most part.
  • But you know that your sermon content could be even better. You know that it’s vital to not only exegete the text but also exegete your people.
  • You know that your preparation process could be tightened up.
  • You want to make deeper biblical insights and preach to the hearts of both unchurched and churched people at the same time.
  • You don’t want to settle for being a good preacher. Instead, you want to reach your potential and master the art of communication.

To the Aspiring/New Preacher

I know what you’re going through. I’ve been in your shoes. And I also know how to help you develop your preaching craft so that you can prepare, write, and deliver transformational messages with confidence.

God has called you and gifted you. I’ll help you steward that calling and gift so that you can help people surrender to and grow in King Jesus.

To the Struggling Preacher

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of ministry. Not to mention, all the other plates you have spinning in life. But things don’t have to stay the same. You can get a better handle on your time. And I’ll show you how. You can prepare, write, and deliver messages that you’re excited to preach because you know they’re practical and will drive people toward the gospel.

To the Veteran Preacher

Your ministry has been a gift to the church. And the fact that you want to continue to grow is a testament to your faithful stewardship of your calling and gifts. While you have figured out a lot of things that work for you, there’s still so much more growth you could experience. In your preparation process. In your sermon writing. And in your sermon delivery. Plus, when you begin to pair your biblical insights with a growing mastery of communication… Beautiful things will happen.

Preaching Matters GREATLY!

You know that. 

But what I quickly found out after getting to Bible College and preaching my first sermon is the same thing you found out...

Preaching great sermons consistently is difficult.

There's so many things to consider and so many moving parts to preparation and writing, let alone putting it all together and delivering it with power.

But I was determined to figure out what separates great preaching from average preaching.

Because... Preaching is so vitally important!

The #1 Reason Unchurched People Choose a Church

If you had to guess, what do you think is the number one reason unchurched people choose a church to attend?

It’s not the music. It’s not the lights. It’s not even the kids ministry - at least at first.

It’s the preaching.

Thom Rainer and his team did research in this area and discovered that 90% of unchurched people gave the preaching as the reason they chose a church. WOW!

Gallup did research in this area, too. Their research showed that 76% of people chose a church based on the quality of the preaching.

Additionally, Gallup determined that sermon content is what appeals most to churchgoers. More specifically, churchgoers are hungry for sermons that teach Scripture and are relevant to life.

All that to say, the sermon is important in SO many ways!

But What Separates Great Preaching from Average Preaching?

Think about it...

  • Why do some sermons stick with us and others are forgotten before people even leave the building?
  • Why are some pastors able to prepare and write their messages efficiently, while others struggle to get them done before Saturday?
  • Why are some churches hubs reaching unchurched people and bringing them into the family of God consistently?

Well, what’s the answer?

I became obsessed with answering those questions. And here's what I found:

  • Some have a memorable structure and some don’t.
  • Some get ahead and some don’t.
  • Some are communicating compelling gospel messages and some aren’t.

Developing an effective system for preparing, writing, and delivering sermons is what will allow you to save time and connect people to the gospel more.

If you are just starting out in ministry or you’re a seasoned veteran in the trenches, you’ll benefit from this step-by-step approach that will allow you to develop a system that is centered around how you are wired.

But how do you develop all this?

Well, it's possible. And I'll guide you through it all.

Introducing Sticky Sermons Academy

 Expanded + Updated!

The complete, end-to-end, proven system to get you preaching memorable, transformational sermons every week.


Sticky Sermons Academy is an online course designed to help you preach memorable sermons week in and week out.

It’s an entire preaching SYSTEM to help you optimize and improve in every area of preaching.

Over the last 9+ years of coaching pastors in their preaching, I've uncovered and reverse-engineered 7 main strategies YOU need to implement in order to develop your own system for preparing, writing, and delivering memorable sermons week in and week out.

Through Sticky Sermons Academy, you'll receive Seminary level guidance that is a fraction (seriously, a FRACTION) of the cost and exponentially higher on practicality.


Sticky Sermons Academy will help you:

Discover Your Preaching Voice

Whether you've never preached a sermon or you're a seasoned veteran, you will gain powerful clarity on how to preach the way God intended you to preach given your unique personality and passion.

Develop Efficient, Repeatable Sermon Prep Systems

So that you can get ahead and stay ahead in your sermon preparation and advanced planning. No longer will you have to settle for a rushed sermon or feel overwhelmed by the chaos that too often plagues pastors in their preparation.

Craft Sticky, Heart-Piercing Sermon Content With Tools + Frameworks

No longer will you settle for general truths that are generally applied. Instead, you'll have tools and frameworks to help you develop sermon content that pierces people's hearts and souls.

Write Sermons That Stick Every Single Time

I'll break down, in detail, the Sticky Sermon Structure and how you can use it to leverage the power of story to write sermons that are focused, organized, and centered on one powerful point from God's word.

Mine for Gospel Gold, No Matter the Passage

Because a sermon that doesn't point people to the gospel is like a hot rod with no fuel. It doesn't do anything. You'll learn multiple frameworks for digging for and finding gospel gold so that you can preach for life-change every single time.

Deliver Sermons With Power

Instead of settling for vague instructions on how to deliver sermons in an engaging way, you'll see all the ins and outs of what it looks like to dynamically deliver your messages. Instead of people walking out of the service wondering what's for lunch, they'll walk out reflecting on God's message to them delivered through you.

Master the Art of Communication

You'll be able to take your sermons to a new level by delving into the nuances of mastering communication. After all, preaching isn't just about exegeting the text well. It's also about exegeting people well and using that exegesis to connect to their hearts, whether they're unchurched or 'over-churched' (or somewhere in between).


Brian Ramdhan

"Sticky Sermons Academy is a really good resource for anyone wanting to better their preacher skills.

Well worth the cost and highly recommended!!"

Meet Your Preaching Coach

Brandon Kelley

You will be taught by the founder of, co-founder of, author of Preaching Sticky Sermons, and pastor, Brandon Kelley.

Inside Sticky Sermons Academy

Sticky Sermons Academy is the complete preaching system to get you preaching memorable sermons every week. Inside the course, you'll find 7 modules featuring multiple practical, actionable lessons within each. All geared toward helping you improve your preaching skills. 

Here's a breakdown of the core curriculum within Sticky Sermons Academy:


Module 1: Craft Your Preaching Manifesto

  • Get Your Mind Right: Preaching Mindsets That Help vs Mindsets That Hinder Your Effectiveness
  • Discovering Your Why: Uncovering the Purpose Behind Your Preaching
  • Defining Your Convictions: The Preaching Hills You'll Die On
  • See Your Preaching Voice: Prayerfully Discovering Your Controlling Image
  • Write Your Preaching Manifesto (and How to Do it)


Module 2: Design Your Sermon Prep Process and Systems

  • You Need a Repeatable Sermon Prep/Writing System
  • Leverage Your Week for Maximum Effect: Creating a Weekly Schedule
  • Build in Margin: Leverage Get-Ahead Weeks to Be a Week+ Ahead on Your Sermons
  • Sermon Prep Stacking: Building Your Library (Digital or Physical System or Both)
  • Beat Procrastination and Creative Block: Productive Sermon Prep
  • Sermon Planning Days and Developing Your Yearly Sermon Calendar


Module 3: Develop Sticky Sermon Content with Tools and Frameworks

  • Keys to Great Exegesis
  • Use Helpful Sermon Prep Resources
  • Contrasting Content: Upgrade Your Sermon Instantly
  • The Sticky Sermon Toolkit
  • Concentric Truth Circles: How to Help People SEE the Truth
  • The Sermon Animation Web
  • The Layers of the Soul
  • The Sermon Application Funnel: Instantly Upgrade Your Sermon Application
  • Ballroom Preaching: A Good Sermon is a Dance 


Module 4: Write Sermons That Stick

  • Paint the Bullseye and Hit it: Developing Your Bottom Line
  • Structured Like a Story: The Sticky Sermon Structure
  • Engage: How to Start a Sticky Sermon
  • Tension: Capture Their Attention Before You Show Them the Truth
  • Truth: It's Time to Teach
  • Application: Teach Them How to Obey
  • Inspiration: Help Them See What Could Be
  • Action: The Bridge From "What is" to "What Could Be"


Module 5: Mine for Gospel Gold

  • The Gospel Quarry: Mining for Gospel Gold 
  • Steps to Preach the Gospel Every Time
  • Lie, Longing, Light: A 3-Part Framework


Module 6: Deliver Sermons With Power

  • Rehearsing to Give Yourself Freedom
  • Preaching Notes: Designed to Look at Them Less
  • Joy, Passion, Fire, Love: And Embodying Godly Confidence
  • Eye Contact: Connect With Them
  • Movement: Preaching is More Than Your Voice
  • Voice: Make it Help You
  • Emotion
  • Cadence
  • S.T.A.R. Moments


Module 7: Master the Art of Communication

  • Principles for Storytelling: This is What You Need to Tell Stories Well
  • Mastering Storytelling: The Cheat Code to Preaching Sticky Sermons
  • Weaving a Single Story (Throughout Your Sermon)
  • Utilizing Humor in Your Preaching
  • Metaphors, Similes, and Helping People See
  • Tension, Tension, Tension


Get instant access to the full Sticky Sermons Academy course and learn the step-by-step process to preaching memorable sermons every single week.


"Churches are more integrated today than ever before. While writing a sermon, African-American preachers are often tasked with retaining a sense of cultural identity while synchronously signaling that we have membership in the dominant majority. Sticky Sermons Academy teaches how to deliver such with appropriate eye contact, voice inflection, and cadence so the message is welcoming to all cultures."

- Tony Ray Smith, Senior Pastor of The Word Church, Author of Moving Forward and Goal For It

Implementation Worksheets Included

The entire Sticky Sermons Academy course is available in video format and PDF notes are included.

But on top of that, each of the 7 modules include implementation worksheets.

These are designed to be your homework so that you can take the lessons you learn and begin taking action on them right away.

With the combination of all that you'll learn in the video lessons as well as the actions you'll take in the worksheets, you'll make exponential preaching improvement.

But to make it even better, you'll get access to powerful bonus content as well

I want to make this even more helpful, so I have decided to pull in some targeted bonus content that will go even more in-depth on preaching sticky sermons and extending your message's impact past Sunday.

When you jump into Sticky Sermons Academy today, you get instant access to the following bonus resources and teachings:

  • 10-Step Guide to Writing a Sticky Sermon
  • Sermon Illustrations, The Ultimate Guide: Improve your preaching by showing, not just telling
  • The Sermon Feedback System That Will Actually Help
  • Preaching On Controversial Topics Without Blowing Up Your Church [Checklist]
  • Triggered, Re: Sexuality Sermon Manuscripts (3)
  • Triggered, Re: Politics Sermon Manuscripts (3)
  • Triggered, Re: Deconstruction Sermon Manuscript (1)
  • Triggered, Re: Race Sermon Manuscript (1)
  • Triggered, Re: Gender Sermon Manuscript (1)
  • Lane Sebring: The Importance of Tension in the Sermon
  • Mike Edmisten: Getting Ahead on Sermon Prep and Writing
  • Seth Muse: Social Media in Ministry and Extending Your Sermon Past Sunday
  • A Sermon Dissection and Critique
  • Leveraging Video to Further Your Sermon's Impact
  • Leveraging Audio to Further Your Sermon's Impact
  • Leveraging Small Groups to Further Your Sermon's Impact 

Are you ready to jump in?

Get instant access to the full Sticky Sermons Academy course and learn the step-by-step process to preaching memorable sermons every single week.


Also, if you enroll in Sticky Sermons Academy today, you can receive additional premium bonuses.

Premium Bonus 1: The Craft of Biblical Preaching (Normally $197)

In the first version of Sticky Sermons Academy, some students expressed a desire for more teaching on how to handle the text, exegete it faithfully, and apply it to people's lives.

So, I built an additional course that digs deep on those topics.

The Craft of Biblical Preaching is an in-depth look at the lifeblood of a Sticky Sermon, the truth and application sections.

In The Craft of Biblical Preaching, you'll learn:

  • How to go DEEP on one passage by exegeting the text and your people, step-by-step
  • How to incorporate language work into your sermon prep process
  • The key to transformational, biblical preaching: meditating and reflecting on the text
  • How to craft heart-level applications that target the multi-layered narratives that are present in people’s hearts and preach the hope-inducing narrative of God’s word
  • How to make your sermon come to life by mining fresh illustrations and angles
  • Multiple frameworks for preaching the gospel every time
  • How to make good use of commentaries
  • How to powerfully preach the OT
  • How to powerfully preach narratives
  • How to powerfully preach the NT

In The Craft of Biblical Preaching, you get:

  • 10 in-depth video lessons
  • Worksheets and other documents to implement learnings from each lesson
  • PDF copies of the presentation slides
  • And valuable bonuses


Premium Bonus 2: Reach People Digitally (Normally $150)

We live in a digital age and most of the people we're seeking to reach are on digital platforms. So why not reach them there?

In this online course, I will show you how to reach people in your community digitally so that you can begin discipling them in person and online.

In Reach People Digitally you get three in-depth video lessons:

  • Before You Go "Viral" 7 Rules for Pastors on Social Media
  • What Kind of Content Should I Create? Developing a Digital Strategy
  • Reach Your Community: A Simple Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategy

You get all of that when you enroll today

Get instant access to the full Sticky Sermons Academy course and learn the step-by-step process to preaching memorable sermons every single week.


Are You Ready to Grow Your Preaching Craft?

Sticky Sermons Academy isn't a collection of lectures on preaching theory.

It's no fluff, tried and true strategies to save time and preach with more impact.

At a fraction of the cost of Seminary

It's normal to face $500+ per credit hour kind of prices if you were to go back to Seminary to take another preaching course. So multiply $500 by 3 credit hours and, well, even us preachers can do that math.

That's $1,500 for a preaching course at a Seminary!

Honestly, it's wild how costly Seminary has become. Just look at this:

But here's the good news...

While this course is Seminary-level instruction, you won't be paying Seminary-level tuition.

So, are you ready to grow in your preaching?

You're moments away from stepping on the path to:

  • Discovering and honing your preaching voice
  • Developing efficient, repeatable sermon prep systems
  • Crafting sticky sermon content with tools + frameworks
  • Writing sermons that stick every single time
  • Mining for gospel gold, no matter the passage
  • Delivering sermons with power
  • Mastering the art of communication

"Sticky Sermons Academy provides a systematic, repeatable process for preparing and delivering life-changing messages. I highly recommend you get the course and start digging in. You'll be glad you did."

- Lane Sebring, Author of Preaching Killer Sermons and Creator of

It's completely risk free

I've built Sticky Sermons Academy to be the complete system for preaching memorable sermons every week. I wholeheartedly believe that when you diligently learn and put the work in, you'll see fantastic growth..

And to make it a no-brainer kind of deal for you, I'm giving you a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

The Choice is Yours

You have two options.

  1. Keep developing your craft on your own and use trial and error to be your guide.
  2. Let me guide you through a step-by-step process for preaching memorable sermons week in and week out.

If you choose option number two, this is what you get instant access to when you enroll in Sticky Sermons Academy:

  • 7 modules featuring 47 powerful preaching lessons from honing your voice to mastering communication (and everything in between)
  • Checklists and worksheets to implement each strategy you learn
  • Instant access to value-packed bonus content that will supplement the core content
  • Access to a preaching coach you can ask questions to and get guidance from

Just imagine what life would be like if you had a sermon prep plan that maximized your time in your context. Imagine what would happen if your messages stuck with your people longer and they took action from them. It's possible. Will you let me help you?

Get Sticky Sermons Academy Today



  • Sticky Sermon Academy Course (7 modules, 48 videos)
  • Downloadable slides and implementation worksheets
  • Sticky Sermons Academy Bonuses
  • Premium Bonus 1: The Craft of Biblical Preaching Course (normally $197)
  • Premium Bonus 2: Reach People Digitally Course (normally $150) 




  • Sticky Sermon Academy Course (7 modules, 48 videos)
  • Downloadable slides and implementation worksheets
  • Sticky Sermons Academy Bonuses
  • Premium Bonus 1: The Craft of Biblical Preaching Course (normally $197)
  • Premium Bonus 2: Reach People Digitally Course (normally $150)

Listen, if you're hesitant, I get it. You're probably thinking, do I even have the time or money to invest in a preaching course?

Here's what I know: I've never regretted investing in my preaching craft. Ever.

And I don't think you will either.

Don't forget, you're joining risk-free. You have an entire month to jump in, implement what I teach you, and determine if it's right for you.

Beyond that, the key is to make a plan for how you will make time to do this important work.

Go through it one lesson at a time and work on implementing this process with each sermon you preach. And go back to each lesson to solidify any parts of the process that are more difficult for you.

Your preaching could be transformed. The only thing holding you back is a plan and some hard work. I'll give you the plan and if you bring the hard work, this will be a great fit.