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Chuck Musselwhite

Lead Pastor, Hope Chapel

"This template is an iceberg! I have only scratched the surface. Loving the Preaching module. Laid out my calendar for the next four months (I teach expository sermons several times a week). The daily planner and projects module are great. Just beginning to harness the power of those. 

Thanks again for doing this."

Using Notion as my ministry productivity and organization engine has been a game-changer!

Hey friend, Brandon here. Ever since I began using Notion (June 2022), I have been blown away by the power of having a ministry dashboard.

I wanted a central place where I could manage my weekly and daily productivity.

I wanted that same place to be my project management and task management system.

And then I thought...

What if I could also do

  • Sermon prep
  • Keep track of pastoral care
  • and lead my team...

All from the same place...

Well, it turns out, with the power of Notion and a lot of tinkering, all of that is possible. I created The Ministry Dashboard and it is by far the most powerful tool a pastor can have to become more organized and more productive.

The great news? You can get your copy of it now.

The Command Center for Your Ministry

Are you a dedicated pastor looking to get a handle on your weekly and daily productivity?

Do you wish there was a way to have all of your most important ministry information in one place?

Do you want to have a central hub to manage everything from projects, to sermon preparation, to leadership, to pastoral care?

Look no further, because the Notion Ministry Dashboard is here to transform your ministry productivity and organization.

Become more productive

Leveraging the principles and power of energy management, day blocking, and weekly goals, you’ll have amazing clarity on what needs to get done and when.

Use the “Big 3 for the Week” section to prioritize what’s most important in your week.

Use the “Daily Planner” section to make the most of each day while automatically importing your ideal week day blocking strategy into your task manager.

Manage projects with confidence

Say goodbye to the overwhelming feeling of trying to manage projects without an organized system to help you.

Use the “Projects” section to plan out the projects you’re leading so they get done on time without giving you an ulcer in the process. And to keep project planning as simple and stream-lined as possible, you can use the built-in “Project Template” to help you think through every aspect of the project so you can do more ministry.

Use the integrated “Tasks” section to manage the major tasks that need to be done in order for your projects to move forward. These tasks are imported into your “Daily Planner” for streamlined efficiency.

Streamline your sermon prep

Leverage the power of Notion’s template functions to create a “Preaching” database that allows you to use the Sticky Sermon Notion Template every week (or your own sermon prep/writing template).

By setting up your “Preaching” database and leveraging the power of advanced sermon planning, you’ll never start a week of preparation wondering what you should preach on.

Build out your second brain to help you stack your sermon preparation with your own built-in “Research” library and add illustrations, quotes, articles, book notes, and insights of your own.

Plan out each of your upcoming sermon series with the “Sermon Series Planner” template and database to craft life-changing series and keep your team up-to-date with what’s coming. This is also integrated with your “Preaching” database for easy organization.

Lead intentionally

You’re expected to see the big picture. Now you can easily do so by using the “Key Dates” section. At a glance, you’ll be able to see what major things are coming up at your church.

Plan and lead your staff meetings with intentionality by utilizing the built-in “Staff Meeting Template” inside of the staff meetings database so that you and your team can be aligned and intentional with your time and effort.

This also has built-in integration with your “Projects” and “Tasks” databases for easy reference and management during your staff meetings.

In addition to adding your own pages to create your one-stop place for creating intentional leadership plans, the “Leadership” section comes with these built in pages that can be modified for your purposes:

  • Annual State of Your Church Report [Sample]
  • Sample End of Year Giving Letter
  • Vacation Checklist
  • Newcomer’s Lunch Promotional Plan [Sample]
  • Dwell Bible App Launch Plan

Stay on top of pastoral care

Pastoral Care can become a lot to manage. Who is in the hospital? Who hasn’t had surgery yet but is going to soon? Who is at home recovering? Who is in a nursing home for rehab? Who is in a nursing home for the time being? Who is just struggling and needs someone to reach out? Who do you need to follow up with?

Instead of depending on that ol’ mind of yours to keep everything straight or a collection of sticky notes on your desk, you can utilize the “Pastoral Care Tracker” system within the Ministry Dashboard.

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Video Tutorials Included

When you purchase the Ministry Dashboard, you'll get access to the following video tutorials:

  1. How to add the dashboard to your Notion account
  2. How to use the weekly and daily planner
  3. How to use the task and project management systems
  4. How to use the preaching section
  5. How to use the pastoral care tracker
  6. How to use the leadership section
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Add the Sticky Sermon Notion Template

Take your Ministry Dashboard to the next level by adding the Sticky Sermon Notion Template to your Preaching Database within your Dashboard.

This template integrates the power of Notion with my 10-Step Sticky Sermon Writing System:

  1. 🙏 Pray before you begin and throughout
  2. đź“– Read the main passage and surrounding context
  3. 🗒️ Outline the passage and identify major themes
  4. 🤔 Meditate and reflect on the text
  5. 🎻 Identify the tension
  6. đź“š Check commentaries
  7. ✍️ Craft the bottom line
  8. 🔥 Outline the entire message with the sticky sermon structure
  9. ✝️ Outline the truth section in detail
  10. đź’¬ Write the manuscript

Why Choose the Sticky Sermon Notion Template?

1. Save Precious Time: We understand the demands of pastoral life. The Sticky Sermon Notion Template is streamlined to help you reclaim valuable time that can be better spent on other vital aspects of your ministry. With this template, you can accelerate your sermon preparation process, allowing you to focus on delivering your message with clarity and passion.

2. Embrace a Repeatable Process: Consistency is key to effective preaching. The Sticky Sermon Notion Template provides you with a structured, repeatable process that guides you through every step of sermon preparation. Whether you're a seasoned preacher or just starting out, this template ensures you never miss a beat and can approach each sermon with confidence.

3. Craft Better Sermons: Our template is not just about organization; it's about elevating the quality of your sermons. By walking through the template's steps each week, you'll have the tools you need to craft sermons that engage, inspire, and resonate with your congregation.

Or Add the Premium Sticky Sermon Notion Template

Features 12 preaching tools and frameworks to help you:

  • Better exegete the text
  • Mine for gospel gold 
  • Craft content that pierces people's hearts
  • Formulate illustrations more quickly
  • Develop better bottom lines

What these pastors are saying about the Sticky Sermon Notion Template

Steve Lafrance

Minister/Evangelist, Casco Bay Church of Christ

"This has been an awesome resource for thinking more clearly about how I organize my sermons. It has saved me time in preparation and the premium tools are helpful/necessary reminders to preaching the Gospel.

It is certainly worth every dollar thank you for preparing this resource."

Jay Beard

Lead Pastor, FBC Thurmont

"This week will be my first sermon I've preached where I've used the Sticky Sermon Template completely. It has been awesome. Between the template and Notion I'm loving it so far. I think this will continue to keep me on task and make the sermon process more efficient. I'm liking having everything all in one location."

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The Notion Ministry Dashboard


  • Video tutorials
  • Become more productive
  • Manage projects with confidence
  • Streamline your sermon prep
  • Lead intentionally
  • Stay on top of pastoral care
  • Sticky Sermon Notion Template
  • Premium Sticky Sermon Notion Template
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Ministry Dashboard + Sticky Sermon Template


  • Video tutorials
  • Become more productive
  • Manage projects with confidence
  • Streamline your sermon prep
  • Lead intentionally
  • Stay on top of pastoral care
  • Sticky Sermon Notion Template
  • Premium Sticky Sermon Notion Template
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Ministry Dashboard + Premium Sticky Sermon Template


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  • Video tutorials
  • Become more productive
  • Manage projects with confidence
  • Streamline your sermon prep
  • Lead intentionally
  • Stay on top of pastoral care
  • Premium Sticky Sermon Notion Template
  • 12 preaching tools and frameworks
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