3 Reasons Preachers Should Ask More Questions in Sermons

preaching Dec 08, 2021
3 Reasons Preachers Should Ask More Questions in Sermons

What is one of the most powerful things you can do in your preaching?

Ask more questions.

Think about it: what is your goal when you stand up to preach?

To merely transfer information? Of course not.

It's transformation.

Let's talk about why asking more questions is one of the most powerful things you can do in your preaching.

3 Reasons Preachers Should Ask More Questions in Sermons

1. Asking a question infiltrates the brain better than mere statements do.

When someone asks you a question, you start processing that question right away. The same is true in the minds of those listening to you preach. 

And when this happens, when the words we say start being processed more deeply in our hearers, a greater level of engagement is happening.

So instead of your preaching being a monologue, when you ask questions, you're opening up a dialogue even when there isn't full-fledged conversation happening.

2. Asking a question guides people toward application.

When you ask more questions in your sermon, you bring your congregation along the journey toward application.

Instead of the application to the sermon being only what you say it should be, you're able to guide them toward a broader application that they then fill in the gaps to make it specific to them.

What does love look like right now? Follow that question up with a list of examples attached to the question and you're guiding your people toward application.

3. Asking a question naturally creates tension.

If you struggle with making your messages more engaging, then you likely struggle with knowing how to create tension. The great thing about asking questions is it's an easy way to create tension in your message.

Have you ever been hurt by someone?

Have you ever wanted to pay them back?

These are great questions for a message on forgiveness or on leaving vengeance for the Lord instead of taking matters into your own hand.

The beauty about a question like this is it's general enough that a lot of people relate to it and, yet, it's specific enough that they are desirous for you to give them a solution to those moments in their lives. What does the Bible say about that?!

Your Next Sermon

As you prepare your next sermon, intentionally include some questions to ask your congregation.

Utilize questions in the beginning of your message, in the middle as you pull the tension strings in the text, and throughout the message as you guide them toward application.

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