Preacher Lab: What Makes Jon Tyson's Preaching So Compelling?

preaching May 07, 2024

A lot of people listen to Jon Tyson's sermons.

I recently featured his preaching on the first installment of Preacher Lab – a breakdown of a preacher's sermon so that we can learn lessons for our own preaching.

Here are 4 things I noticed from his preaching

→ He displays a deep burden for the people in his city to come to know Jesus.

You can see this in the way he connects the truths of Scripture to people's minds and hearts.

He's not merely preaching to the choir and searching for amens.

→ His messages are more interesting because of how widely he reads.

He masterfully brings in various insights from a wide variety of sources to drive home the main ideas of his message.

As a result, he's able to keep people engaged – even for over an hour.

→ He does a tremendous job at doing the 2 things that make for great preaching: he specifies and distinguishes.

He is consistently creating clarity and contrast.

This is what I mean...

This is what I don't mean...

→ He spends a lot of time speaking directly to those who are skeptics and seekers in his message.

He expects that they'll be in the room and he purposefully shares his heart with them, inviting them to surrender to Jesus.

See this in action

If you want to see this all in action and get some lessons to take for your own preaching, check out Preacher Lab below.

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