My New Favorite Sermon Prep Tool (Game-Changer)

preaching Sep 04, 2023

14 months ago I came across an app that was getting a lot of attention on social media. People were raving about how many things you could do with the software. And the best part? The software itself was free to download and use. Unless you were going to get a full team on it, there was no need to upgrade to a paid version.

Writers were using it to manage their content. Same with YouTubers and Podcasters. Business owners were using it as the main dashboard of their business.

And then I saw some ministry people on Twitter/X start talking about it and the potential use cases for it. I was intrigued. So I downloaded it and began testing.

It has proven to be a game-changer for me.

What app/software am I referring to?

Notion: My New Favorite Sermon Prep Tool

What is Notion? Notion is a free productivity and note-taking app that allows for endless customization and use-cases.

I am currently using Notion as my

  • Ministry Dashboard
  • Weekly goal tracker
  • Daily goal/task tracker
  • Project Manager
  • Sermon Prep Engine

It’s seriously an amazing piece of software.

But why has it become my new favorite sermon prep tool?

3 Reasons Notion is My New Favorite Sermon Prep Tool

  1. The ability to create templates. The most powerful productivity practice is to create systems around things you do regularly (or even semi-regularly). Because when you create a system, you take out the guess work for the work that needs done and can focus on doing the work. For us preachers, sermon preparation is something we do regularly. So, I leveraged the power of Notion and built out my favorite sermon prep tool: The Sticky Sermon Notion Template.

  2. Using my template has shaved off hours of prep time. When it’s time for me to begin preparing my next sermon, I go into my preaching database, click one button, and boom, my blank page becomes the most powerful sermon prep platform I’ve ever encountered. I simply copy+paste the Bible passage from and get to work. And you know what? I’ve been able to shave off a few hours of prep time because of The Sticky Sermon Notion Template. And I’ve needed those hours because we are in the throes of launching a Capital Campaign (which I designed, planned, and am executing with my team through Notion—but that’s a whole other conversation).

  3. Using my template has enabled me to write better sermons. I’ve thought a lot about why this is. And I think it comes down to a few factors. First, every creative person needs structure. They need a process. They need some guardrails. Because the constraints allow for more creativity. Second, by avoiding the blank page syndrome and embracing the repeatable process that my template walks me through, my mind and heart are freer to listen to the Spirit and be more creative. Third, by having all of my prep material on one page, I’m able to zoom out and view my message outline as a whole and zoom in and see each section of the sermon in detail.

I want to help you turn Notion into your sermon prep powerhouse!

The Sticky Sermon Notion Template is now available.

If you’re tired of dealing with the hassle of disorganized notes and scattered ideas…

If you’ve been wanting a way to streamline your sermon preparation process, save time, and ensure your messages resonate deeply with your congregation…

Then The Sticky Sermon Notion Template is for you.

For the price of my McDouble, Fries, and Drink order from McDonald’s over the weekend (my wife and I took our boys on a mom/dad date and we let them choose where we eat — we’re still working on their food standards 😅), you can get this powerful Notion template. And I promise you, this template will make a much better and lasting impact on your life than that McDonald’s order did for me.

Seriously, using Notion for sermon prep has been a game-changer for me and I believe it can be for you too.

Be on the lookout.

The Sticky Sermon Notion Template is now available for only $7.

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