Driscoll, Lindell, the Conference, and Lessons for Pastors

leadership Apr 17, 2024

In case you haven't heard, a lot went down recently at the 2024 Stronger Men's Conference between Mark Driscoll and John Lindell, the lead pastor of James River Church and the leader of the conference.

As I saw what happened, I felt it important to use this as a teaching moment.

So, below you'll find the two videos I've made about the weirdest Christian men's conference I've heard of and the surprising things that transpired during it.

I believe there's a lot of lessons to learn from this.

And this is the follow-up video going over what happened after Driscoll was kicked off stage. To say the least, things got weirder.

I hope you find these videos insightful as you seek to lead well in the church you serve.

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